The working springer spaniel "Miss Sophie" story

June, 2005

In the last days of April Miss Sophie moved to a new home. It may come as a surprise to you but that is a fact.

There were some problems with her when I tried to train her with the other dogs, Foxy and Briz, around but even Maud disturbed her a lot. When I was alone with her things worked well. I am not really sure of the cause for this stress that particularly Briz vicinity on the field caused.

My guess is that since Briz was the dog that raised and fostered Sophie in her early age, Briz also turned into a very admirable and important member of the pack for Sophie.

Before making the decision to give her away I tested other dogs influence on her. There were no problems when there were other dogs from outside of our family around.

Someone may say that I should have trained her alone only. Perhaps, but I did not like the idea for many reasons. I decided that the solution to the problem must be to give Sophie a new environment. Sophie was too tied to Briz, to be able to work with any concentration when her mate was around.

I had two options to solve the problem. Either Sophie and I will move - or Sophie alone will move. Well, the answer is pretty obvious, Sophie moved.

I was eager to get her a really good home where she could develop into her full potential. When I started to search a new home for her I hit the bulls eye with the first phone call I made.

I gave the breeder of my late Springer a call just to ask her if she possibly knew someone who might be able to take care of Sophie, in a proper way. "I can take her!", she said to my great surprise and joy.

She had run out of blood from her own breeding line and had for some time considered taking a bitch from UK. She knew about and liked Sophie's pedigree and believed me when I said that Sophie has a great potential - in the right environment.

I guess I was right; 2 weeks after I delivered Sophie to her new owner they won a working test for young dogs.

The new owner is not only an experienced breeder of spaniels but also a field trial judge and has won the Swedish Spaniel Championship a couple of years ago.

The other animals in her home are a 7 year old working Springer bitch, a cat, a parrot and a Chihuahua. She has settled well and her new family is pleased with her. I wish her all luck in the future and I am still convinced that she will win the Championship some day in the future.

I know it was the right decision to give her a new home but still today, 6 weeks after Sophie left us, our house feels a bit silent and empty. The setters do their best to fill it and who knows, one of these days another working springer spaniel might be here to help them.

Sophie has given me a new experience and I learned a lot from her. Destiny did not want us to be together longer than this short year. If you want to know what has become of her in the future check this website again after a couple of years. She might be a champion then.

  Torsti & Sophie 29/4
Sophie and I together for the last time, in the morning of the delivery to the new owner. It brings a tear to my eye when I look at this picture.

Mona & Sophie 29/4
Sophie meets her new owner. Together they can now look into a new, exciting future for her.

Harbour in Nynäshamn
3 hours onboard this fast ferry to the Gotland island and Sophie was in her new home.