October 2004
Miss Sophie's first trip to the mountains, as told by herself:

My master and me had a visit to the mountains some days ago. It all started with a long car-ride, early in the morning. The whole day I had to sleep in the car but we had break along the road now and then and I got to see many new places and feel new exciting smells.

I am a big girl now so my master thinks it is about time for me to see new landscapes and terrain, and also to meet new people and dogs. So we went to a place where there was a large pack of Gordon setters. I did not know they were Gordon's but my master told me so.

The next day we went to the bare mountains. My master introduced me to the mountains, or the mountains to me, depending of how you see it. You can see me sitting in the sun and you can see how bright the sun is up there, above the clouds. What about this stance master, do you think you can get a nice picture of me now? You say I should keep my mouth shut during the photographing! Well that's what I am doing right now; don't you see?