Birddog training with Elin Wittusen, "US" Kennel, in Norway 2006

In the summer we're not allowed to train on grouse in the mountains, but the pigeons are a nice substitute

Elin with one of her young Irish setters.

Elisabeth’s lovely bitch Alpha on point

Nice advance! but did the pigeon survive?


ES Briz & GS Tigergutten backing the red Irish setter bitch

Tigergutten on point.

Tigergutten is a grandchild to SLCh SJCh SUCh Getryggens Tobie Van Tootsie

Bejla is backing Tigergutten

Briz is backing her cousin Bejla

Marie-Louise and Bejla

Briz on point


Foxy, Fifty & Briz
It runs in the family...
Skedoms Fifty-Fifty & Borta Med Vindens Briz (daughter to Foxy)
are backing Skedoms Foxy (sister to Fifty-Fifty)

© Maud Matsson
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