Dovrefjell, Norway 19-24 september 2010

The path to the cabin we had rented took over 4 hours walk at a height of 1200
meters over the bare fjell (= bare mountain).

Since it was such a long way to the nearest chandler we had to carry provision
for a week and hence even the dogs had to carry their part of the load.

This small cottage called “Jervbua” (about; “the Wolverine camp” if translated to English)
was our home for about a week. The fjell in the back is the “Snöhetta”,
“the Snow Hat” and reaches 2286 meters towards the sky.

Lärka in the autum coloured mountain terrain.

Tyreldens Kasper

Tyrieldens Speedy pointing a ptarmigan.


Tyrieldens Kasper, grandchild of our Foxy

willow grouse and ptarmigan

Speedy on point


Lärka on the narrow bridge over the river.

Kasper is taking a nap

A rainy day but what das it mater when it is so beautiful!

willow grouse and ptarmigan

© Maud Matsson
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