Maud's grouse hunting in Norway oktober 2007
with SUCh Skedoms Foxy (13 years old)

Foxy on point. She is standing rock steady.
We walked up to her, the other dogs were backing and I lifted my camera.
Berit hade other thougths. She grabed my camera and put her gun in my hands. "It's you'r old lady, go on!"
Without hesitation I grabed the gun, took the last steps up to Foxy and asked her to show me the birds.
She raced at and flushed the covey and it was 12-13 pairs of fluttering white wings that took of!!! Whow!

Not only did Dame Foxy take care of the entire work to find and produce the birds.
My lovely old girl also retrieved the grouse I shot

After unintentionally flushing his own birds, Birk is backing his mother
Foxy who came in from behind and nailed another bunch of them.

The old Dame might be a bit slow and lazy at home on the lowland,
but once up on the bare mountains, where she thrives best,
she again tranformes into a young, happy warrior,
eager to fight hard for every feather!

When she today gazes over her territory we can see that she is much
more mature than 10 - 12 years ago. Today there is something
evaluating and intelligent in her eye. Not so when she was young.
The only thing we possibly could have noticed in her eye in those days
would have been this question: "How much more of this can I possibly get!"

© Maud Matsson
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