The Swedish mountains in summertime
Stekenjokk juli 2010

Stjärnvallens Lärka

The Wilderness road over Stekenjokk
An incredibly beautiful road. Some people think that it is Swedens most beautiful road to explore.
You drive your way up to the bare mountain. Just stop along the road a take a walk up to the
nearest summit on Stekenjokk. You will meet a really great view and the beautiful flora of Stekenjokk!

During the winther ther's a lot of snow and the road is closed.
The road is open from the 6'th of june to the 15'th of october.
During the summer some snow  remains (as you can see in the pics) and you might see
reindeer searching for coolness on the small spots of snow.

Dalripa - Willow Grouse - Lirype - Lagopus lagopus
The cock grouse tries to scare me to push off

and when it doesn't work he try to look like he is wounded to divert me from his family

Fjällbastardsvärmare - Scotch Bernet - Zygaena exulans

Jungfru Marie Nyklar - Heath Spotted-orchid - Flekkmarihand - Dactylorihiza maculuta

Rödbena - Common Redshank - Rødstilk - Tringa totanus

Stenblock -Boulder

Trollslända & skalbaggge - Dragonfly & beetle

Stenskvätta - Northern Wheatear - Steinskvett - Oenanthe oenanthe

Fjällviol - Yellow Wood Violet - Fjellfiol - Viola biflora

Torsti is working

I'm having lunch and Lärka is watching

Maud Matsson

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