31 Oktober 2010
Partridge hunting with Lärka & Torsti

Our fields are quite smal and the birds often fly into the shelter of the woods
so the Garmin Astro GPS collar is good for finding the dog when it is on point

Lärka on point. Still young and unexperienced she likes to see the bird after scenting it.
However, she is not the one that flushes the bird straight away
but is very cautious so there is a lot of hope for the future!

Lärka is fetching but do not yet quite know how to grab and hold the bird.

A happy hunter firmly holding an exited Lärka
who would like to go out and find more, more, more!

Good girl!

Happy but very very tired. A lot of new things learned today that must be processed.
Dogs as well as people improve their skills during the sleep after they
have trained - rather than during the training.